Jul 22, 2009

Cogito Ergo Sum

Cogito ergo sum.
Anything excessive's not good. Include thinking, hahaha.

Jul 19, 2009

Aint Funny, aint funny at all :(

Deepest condolences for all the victims. For all MU fans, all Ritz Carlton n Marriot staffs and Jakartans as a whole. Its our loss, man. :(

song: Heal The World by Michael Jackson
reads: Cancer Vixen by NyPost

Jul 16, 2009

Invisible Bond

Not all casualties means to be taken easily :\
song: In the Shadow by The Rasmus
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Jul 8, 2009

Jul 7, 2009

Mylea's world of Relationsh*t

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Jul 6, 2009

Morning. This is my 1st mobile post! Taken in a journey to office through MRT. Since the handset is a w190i (which made mooree to replace mp3 player than connectivity), typing this is also a challenge haha.

ill edit this entry later. Lunchtime if possible. Tomorrow's the national election day, btw! Got a halfday leave for all Indonesian. I wonder where to go tonight hmmm..

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The title was psychadelic, this girl sure has cute lips. And thick eyebrow! Just my random doodle since awhile. TV's airing Desperate's Housewives. I'm with Elsa, both of us potato-couching in the living room. She re-reads Harry Potter book. Me, with laptop on my lap. I went home at 9 pm (it is considered early lol).

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Jul 5, 2009

Deadlines.Doodle in mind.

Deadlines are deadly addictive. I dunno whats ur opinion about this, but at least it happens to me. Like drugs. When we don't have any, we searrrcchhh for it. But once you got some, it feels like the world's chasing you from behind. Like a big rollin' stone in Crash Bandicoot game. Or Katamaridamashi. Paraparapappapapa...

And yes, I got some. Lets try to manage it in stacks: 1. Office, 2. Books, 3. Band, 4. School Application.

First, office. YESSS THEY REFUSE THE BUDGET GO CUT THE CEILING GO CUT THE LIGHTINGS THERE'LL BE NO MORE DANCING LIGHTS NOR CEILING WORKS huhuhuhu. Yes, you're the one with money and I'm just a small dot who responsible to draw T_T (since Nanang took leave for some dreadful days). My deadline will be next week, but since I will be leaving for some days and QS chasing for pricing new cost, it really needs to finish TOMORROW. I don't like to draw some special details T_T. Not that I'm selective. No, no, no. I knew I need to draw cos i need to show the design intent, but... AHH. As Pewe said, there's always the way to differ the professional with the rest. Its commitment, she said. Bold, blatant. And reminiscing Andi's wise words, whats the point on emo-ing (yes this word exist!!! check urban lingo hahaha) your works while you keep doing it?

Ahhh, Ndi, I wish I could say: Sometimes people just to afraid for a change. Uncertainties. Craziness, doing things outta the line. Its sometimes easier to take some paths, those has been proven workable before. Just being ordinary. What's so wrong about being ordinary?

Two good friend of mine, Rori & Dody(sorry to spell ur name, men. But I guess you're narcissistic enough to feel ok about this) once said, they are both too afraid to end up like those salarymen in Jap dramas. Workin like ants in daytime, tossed entertainment places at night, sleeps all day during weekend... repetitive kind of life. I was laughing back then. Dody was working in a government institution (yesss he wore those funny uniforms) before he quit. Rori was a part-timer in a uni.

Second; its books. Sepatu Kets's plot still change. I guess its hard to decide. I love them both. Liza's project hasn't been drawn properly. Either the veggie one, or the newer-the castle yadda-yadda cover illustration. I was thinking to draw some cute three princess in watercolor. We'll see how. We'll see how. Need to meetup with Buyung also, this is the time for those physics!

Three, Jive etc. We'll play at blujaz cafe, 1st of Aug. Probably 2nd floor. Will play some jazzy tunes all night. Prepare for some dancin! (Actually, there will be some problem since I'll be goin back. Arief will move to Mexico, and Edwin stays in Jakarta. This gig is goin to be a farewell. For Mulya, also.

Four, application addmission. I will go back to settle some references. Got deadline this mid July. Aug also. Waiting for IELTS score to come.

And yes, next week I'll be at Jakarta. Dad condition gettin better but i really think i need to visit him. Its been awhile. I hope no quarrel between us this time :p. I need to pick some references also. Meeting Puthe! Eka will also be there. Yes gurls, this is the time to recharge back the spirit :)


*scrolls up*

Ah, I do talk about other things. I really need to focus. Concentrate.
Oops, I really need to say this: Elang, THX a bunch for ur help. Dito, thx for the ticket!

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